Success at the British Masters 2022

British Disability Masters

Liverpool – March 2022

What an amazing competition to take part in!

Jonny, having competed in the British Championships in October 2021, qualified to compete in 4 apparatus finals in the Masters.

When we arrived, we walked into the arena and were blown away! It is HUGE!!!! And with all the lights, cameras, smoke machines…it really did feel like walking out into the Olympics!

His first event was Pommel Horse. Jonny showcased a new routine with a few upgrades for the first time. An unfortunate fall on his first skill meant that he finished in 4th place, which was an exceptional result given the fall, demonstrating how much Jonny has worked to improve his execution score.

His second apparatus was Rings. Jonny demonstrated a lot of strength and style to finish in 5th place on this event.

His 3rd apparatus was vault – and WOW! What a vault! Jonny had the highest execution score on vault of the day, walking away with the bronze medal! What an achievement!

His final apparatus was Parallel Bars. Again, Jonny showcased a brand new routine, complete with upgrades. An uncharacteristic hand slip on one skill meant that Jonny tied for third – however, due to the tie-break rule, he was awarded 4th place. An unlucky position to be in, but positive in the fact that he scored highly given a small mistake.

Overall, Jonny had an excellent competition. His focus on the lead up to the event was to improve his execution scores, which he did. He looked like a great gymnast and had an excellent attitude throughout. Jonny can walk away with his head held high and take confidence in the fact that he is in a great position to continue to upgrade his routines for future competitions.

Take a look at some of the highlights from the competition below!