What you need to know

Training Bubbles
  • All gymnasts will be allocated to a training bubble. These bubbles will be referred to as a colour, for example, RED TEAM, BLUE TEAM etc. Your child’s bubble will be allocated upon arrival at their first class.
  • These bubbles have been introduced to allow us to reduce the amount of social distancing required within each bubble, therefore, your child/children should not feel that they are being kept away from their friends.
  • Each bubble will remain distanced from another bubble.
  • Should we be notified that a child or a member of their household is unwell, we will contact every member of the child’s bubble to discuss.
  • Bubbles will be allocated taking age, level of ability etc. into account to ensure an optimum learning environment for all gymnasts. We are therefore unable to accommodate all requests.
  • Siblings in the same class will be placed in the same bubble.
  • Bubbles cannot be broken under any circumstances throughout the term.
  • Gymnasts may only attend 1 class per week.
  • Whilst we acknowledge the removal of bubbles within the school environment from September, LXGC will keep the use of bubbles in place for term 1 as a way to mitigate potential interruption, and ensure that the club remains as safe as possible for all members.
  • The use of bubbles will be reviewed at the end of Term 1, in the hope that bubbling can be removed moving into Term 2.
One Way System - Unit 1
  • We have introduced a one-way system for entering/exiting the gym. This is to allow us to ensure that there is no cross over between classes.
  • Gymnasts will enter the gym via the fire exit door (beside the shutters), where a coach will be stationed to mark them into the register.
  • Parents are not permitted to enter the gym, as the Parent’s Room has been temporarily closed (due to social distancing measures and restrictions on numbers permitted within the building).
  • Gymnasts will leave via the main front door. Gymnasts will only be released when a parent/guardian presents themselves.
  • Dispersal will be fully supervised by a member of staff.
  • Gymnasts will be held in the Parent’s area until their parent/guardian is present.
Entry and Exit - Unit 2
  • The entry and exit procedures for Unit 2 are the same as detailed above, with the exception of different entry/exit points.
  • Gymnasts will enter/exit using the main front door.

  • The Parent’s Room is temporarily closed to allow us to adhere to social distancing guidelines and restrictions on numbers permitted within the building.

  • We intend to introduce a viewing rotation for the parents room in term 2 which doesn’t jeopardise the bubbling system for the children in class.
  • Please ensure your child knows the colour of their bubble as we will base viewing rotations on this.
  • More information to be provided via email at a later date.
Reduced Class Sizes

Due to government restrictions, we have had to reduce the size of each of our classes.

Storage of Personal Belongings

Gymnasts must arrive ready for class. All personal belongings must be stored in a suitable lightweight bag (we recommend a drawstring bag). These bags will be hung up on the relevant peg located within the gym (pegs are colour coded to match your child’s bubble).

Track and Trace System

It is imperative that you provide us with an up to date contact telephone number and email address. Should we be notified of illness, we will contact every member in the same bubble to discuss next steps. Please note, this is a legal requirement.

Hand Sanitising Stations

We have installed a number of hand sanitising stations in the gym. Gymnasts and coaches encouraged to use these often. All members will be required to sanitise their hands before entering and exiting the building.

Use of Face Masks
  • All adults must wear a face mask when entering the building. This includes adults attending BabyGym/Parent Assist classes.
  • We do not require the wearing of face masks for gymnasts (this may change in line with government advice), however, should you wish, the wearing of a face mask is permitted (as long is it does not impair vision).
Enhanced Cleaning Schedule

We have always had a robust and thorough cleaning regime in place. However, given the current circumstances, we have introduced enhanced cleaning procedures.

Front Office / Foyer

Please note that, due to social distancing measures in place, only one person is permitted into the foyer for access to the office at any one time. Please form an orderly queue outside the foyer.

We would suggest that, where possible, emailing a query is the preferred option. The office email address is office@lxgymnastics.com.

covid policy

Our Additional Policies and Procedures document covers all the extra measures we have put in place to ensure the safety of our gymnasts, staff, parents and visitors.

Our procedures are kept under review and altered in line with the latest guidelines.

ALL members must read and understand the contents of this policy and adhere to the procedures outlined at all times. 

Download Covid policy