What is Adult Gymnastics?

A Blog by Anto Thompson

We often get asked “What is Adult Gymnastics? And why should I get involved?

Many people see gymnast’s perform at the Olympics and marvel at their physical abilities; their strength, power, flexibility, balance and spatial awareness. This is no wonder as the athletes in question are showing these qualities at the highest level of human expression.

However these are all qualities that we possess to some degree and therefore can be worked on and improved. Once these qualities have become somewhat of a habit it can be said that you possess that attribute.

That is what Adult Gymnastics is primarily about; start with what you have and continually improve while having fun and learning some new cool tricks. Those attributes that athletes at the highest levels express so well can also belong to you when properly practiced.

So no, you do not need to be flexible to start gymnastics (most common question I get), you get more flexible by doing it.