Our Hub Program is off to a flying start!!!!

The Hub
The Hub Crew attended an Introduction to Makaton course in August, and have just recently completed the Intro To Coaching course. We had a chat with Nico, one of the Hub Crew, to catch up following the Intro to Coaching course…
Hi Nico, could you tell us a little bit about The Hub?
The Hub is a place where gymnasts aged 11+ get to learn more about leadership and coaching. It’s great because we are getting to learn lots of new skills that will be useful for the future. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends, because we can meet people that we normally wouldn’t see from other classes.
Why did you want to join The Hub?
I wanted to join to learn more about leadership and coaching, so that I can help others with gymnastics.
How did you find the Intro to Coaching course?
I really enjoyed the Intro to Coaching course, I thought it was interesting as well as fun!
What topics were covered? And what did you find the most interesting?
We covered many different topics including health and safety, the different roles of people in the gym and their responsibilities, hazards and much more. My favourite part was learning all the health and safety procedures, team building and knowing the different hazards!
So what happens next?
We get assigned a mentor, and will complete mentoring hours with them, putting into practice everything we have learned. We will also attend skills workshops over the course of the next year to help develop our knowledge on coaching particular skills. This means that when we turn 16 we are completely ready to complete a level 1 coaching course.
What would you say to anyone who is thinking about joining The Hub?
Do it! Speak to your coach and get involved. You will love it!