Member’s Handbook

Our Member’s Handbook covers all you need to know including term dates, fees, insurance information and club rules.

You can download a copy or read on for more information.

Term Dates 2019-20

TERM 1: Monday 2nd September 2019 – Saturday 16th November 2019 (10 WEEKS)

TERM 2: Monday 18th November 2019 – Saturday 8th February 2020 (10 WEEKS)

TERM 3: Monday 10th February 2020 – Saturday 25th April 2020 (10 WEEKS)

TERM 4: Monday 27th April 2020 – Saturday 4th July 2020 (10 WEEKS)


HALLOWEEN, TERM 1: Monday 28th October – Saturday 2nd November 2019
CHRISTMAS, TERM 2: Monday 23rd December 2019 – Saturday 4th January 2020
EASTER, TERM 3: Monday 13th April – Saturday 18th April 2020

Club Membership

It is a requirement for all members to pay a £15.00 annual Club Membership. This will be collected along with fees for Term 1.

British Gymnastics Membership/Insurance

As a British Gymnastics affiliated club, it is a requirement that all of our members hold British Gymnastics Membership. This membership provides gymnasts with insurance to allow participation in our classes.

Please note that, for existing British Gymnastics members, term 2 cannot be booked without renewing your 2018/2019 BG number. Information on how to renew your membership will be given during Term 1.


The following table gives a breakdown of fees for each term. Please note, payment is required before the start of the term. Failure to pay in advance will result in a 10% Late Payment Administration charge.

Other Important Dates

Tuesday 30th October – Halloween Disco
Mon 29th Oct – Fri 2nd Nov – Halloween Fun Club
Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd – May Easter Fun Club
Sunday 23rd June – End of Year Competition


LX Gymnastics Centre will primarily use Facebook and our website to communicate important information to members. We would encourage you to like the Facebook Page and to check it regularly.

Our Parent’s Information Board, located in the Parent’s Room, is also updated regularly.
Should we need to contact you, we will do so by text and/or email. Please ensure that we have the most up to date contact details for you to allow us to do so.


We understand that, from time to time, your child may be unable to attend class due to sickness, school events etc. Where possible, we will endeavour to accommodate a make up class. This must be arranged with the office in advance.

For long term absences, please inform the coach. If your child is absent for 3 consecutive weeks or more, and you have not informed the Centre, this may result in the loss of your place.

Time Keeping and Dress Code

  • Gymnasts should arrive on time for their chosen class. For health and safety reasons, if a gymnast misses warm up, they may not be permitted to take part in the remainder of the class.
  • Gymnasts should be appropriately dressed for class. Leotards/Shorts/T-shirts/Leggings are all permitted. Jeans, loose clothing, skirts, dresses, crop tops etc SHOULD NOT be worn.
  • Gymnasts who are not appropriately dressed will not be permitted to take part.
  • Jewellery must not be worn, in accordance with British Gymnastics rules. For children with recently pierced ears, stud earrings with a plaster covering the front and back may be worn until such times as the piercing can be removed.
  • Hair must be tied up at all times.
  • Socks should not be worn in gym, with the exception of when on trampoline. For this reason, please ensure that gymnasts bring socks along to lessons.

General Rules of the gym

  • Members should refrain from running/horse play/gymnastics in the parent’s room.
  • Gymnasts must show respect to their coach and to other gymnasts at all times.
  • Coaches must treat everyone with respect.
  • Gymnasts should be encouraged to use the toilet before class to minimise disruption during class.
  • Gymnasts should, where possible, avoid taking drinks breaks during class. Again, this is to minimise disruption.
  • Under no circumstances is a gymnast permitted to eat during class. This can result in an upset stomach and nausea.
  • Gymnasts should be collected by a parent after their class. If a parent is running late, the gymnast must wait inside the gym until they arrive. Under no circumstances is a gymnast permitted to leave the building unaccompanied. In the event of a parent running late, they must contact the office to inform the coach.