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Parent Assisted - Age 2-3
This structured class is led by our experienced coaches, with parents joining in to help assist their little ones. Combining gymnastics with fun, this is the perfect introduction to our structured program.

Duration 45 mins

MiniGym - Age 3-5
A structured class led by our experienced coaches. MiniGym classes build a solid foundation of core gymnastics skills in a fun and stimulating environment. Working on all apparatus, gymnasts will begin their journey on the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards Scheme, with regular assessment throughout the year.

Duration 50 mins

JuniorGym - Age 5+
Our JuniorGym classes are fun, progressive, and open to any level of ability. Classes are structured in such a way to cater for everyone, from beginner to the more experienced. Classes incorporate use of all apparatus. Gymnasts will continue their journey on the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards Scheme, with regular assessments throughout the year.

Duration 1 hour

Junior Improver - Age 6+
New for 2018, this class caters for those wanting to push themselves in gymnastics. With a longer lesson, we can dedicate more time to working more advanced skills, while still having loads of fun. This class is the perfect bridge between our JuniorGym and Advanced classes!

Duration: 2 hours (1.5 hrs for Saturday class)

Advanced - Age 8+
Our Advanced classes cater for those gymnasts who are working at a higher skill level. The longer class time allows for better preparation for these skills, while ensuring that the “fun factor” is maintained. Gymnasts have the option of completing the BG Proficiency Awards, as well as taking part in the End of Year Club Competition.

Duration: 2 hours

TeamGym - Age 8+
TeamGym is a fun and fast paced discipline within the gymnastics family concentrating on Floor, Vault and Trampette. A relatively new addition to the program here in LX, our TeamGym members continue to go from strength to strength, with the view to competitions in the near future.

Duration: 2 hours

JuniorGym for gymnasts with additional needs - Age 6+
Our Disabilities class focuses on enhancing fine motor skills, improving co-ordination and developing key gymnastics skills. With being the only class running in the gym, the quiet environment helps promote better concentration. We also keep the class size smaller, allowing for more one-on-one time with the coaches.

Duration: 1 hour

Rhythmic - Age 6+
A dance based gymnastics lesson which uses hand apparatus; ribbon, hoop, rope, ball and clubs. Combining elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance and apparatus manipulation, our rhythmic gymnasts will leave you with the “wow” factor!

Duration: 1 hour

Rhythmic Advanced - Age 6+
By selection only, our advanced gymnasts will be working towards competitions and National Grades.

Duration: 2 hours

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