How to complete online Membership

Please note, this is for current members only.

 1)      First go to Registration Page or click the quick link
2)      Ensure you have completed British Gymnastics Membership as you will require your BG number. If you haven’t already done so, please select Step 1 on the Registration Page, which will take you to the BG Membership website or click the quick link   
3)      Select Step 2 and go to the membership page to become an LX Online Member or click the quick link
4)      Select Add to Basket
5)      Select Proceed to Checkout
6)      Complete details and select “Current Paid Member”
7)      Your membership will be validated by the club within 24 hours
8)      Once validated, log back into the site and select “LXGC Classes” or click the quick link
9)      Select the type of class
10)  Choose your child’s class, add to basket and pay

**You will only have to complete the online membership once! This will then validate your membership with the club, and give your priority registration for classes, fun clubs etc.**